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This list is for those who know and love a milliner and are searching for the perfect gift! Whether it's for a holiday, a birthday, or an anniversary, I think these items are sure to delight:

blocked buntal saucer

1. Blocking Pins

The ideal stocking stuffer! These little red pins are my go-to for blocking sinamay and buntal straws. Small gauge so they are easy on your blocks. Box of 50 pins.


Available from Guy Morse Brown (UK)

Fashionary Headwear Millinery Sketchbook

2. Fashionary Headwear Sketchbook

I first discovered these sketchbooks at Mood Fabrics in Los Angeles. I was thrilled when they released books for accessories designers. Each page of the Headwear Edition has faint head templates for sketching hats in different angles. It's easy and fast to get your millinery ideas on paper!


Available from Fashionary (Hong Kong) or


Hat Making  Essential Tool Kit

3. Blocking Tool Kit

This set of essential millinery tools would be a fantastic gift for a new milliner. It includes a spinner, a head plate (22.5 and 23 are common sizes), rope runner, pegs, blocking ropes, and a measuring tape. These are all items I use in my studio on a daily basis ~ especially a rope runner and ropes!


Available from Judith M MIllinery Supplies 

Extra! If you want to spend a little bit more, add a Ribbon Disk to your Judith M. order. This is the tool that helps a milliner get a gorgeous smooth finish on a ribbon-bound brim edge. One of the best-value tools in my opinion.



HATalk magazine Milli Starr Derby

4. Subscription to HATalk e-magazine

A monthly e-magazine packed with interesting articles, a "Hat of the Month" feature, supplier lists, and more. One of the best things about a HATalk subscription is access to all of the back issues. Every issue has a workroom tutorial so you'll learn lots of new millinery techniques.

Enter voucher code "laura" when you sign up to save 20% off your subscription. Discount will be applied annually until you cancel your subscription.

$60 per year (or $48 with the voucher)
Available at
Calpak Hat Case Luggage

 5. Calpak "Baye" Hat Case

Every milliner wants to travel in style with their hats! This hard case by Calpak will ensure that precious handmade hats arrive safely. Calpak offers 3 different sizes. My favorite is the large with interior dimensions of 20" x 19.5" x 8.5" That's big enough for most wide brims and deep enough to fit 2 or 3 hats.


Available from Calpak


Millinery Poupee

6. Poupee

 A canvas poupee (also referred to as a dolly or wighead) is used to support a hat during the designing and trimming stages, as well as for display. This particular poupee is one of the best in the world. It's handmade to order in Barcelona by Balleste. They have been making poupees and dress forms since 1892.


Available from Antigua Casa Balleste


Millinery Veiling Block

7. Veil Block from Hat Blocks Australia

I was lucky enough to find a vintage veil block but they are incredibly rare. It's really best to buy a new one and HBA makes a beautiful reproduction. This wooden form allows a milliner to shape veiling so that it conforms to the shape of the face and head, without extra volume or pouf. Essential for achieving a couture-quality veil.


Available from Hat Blocks Australia



Milli Starr Gift Certificate

Feel more confident about your milliner choosing the goodies?

Opt for a gift certificate to one of these websites. They offer gorgeous millinery supplies, bespoke hats, and even online or in-person hat-making lessons:

8. Petershams

Based in the UK, Petershams offers an enticing array of millinery supplies, from pre-made sinamay bases for the beginner to rare handwoven vintage straws for the connoisseur. They even have pre-made kits for the holidays. Choose from Mrs. Claus' Stash Hamper for $67 or Santa's Super Mega Hamper for $133.

Gift Cards are available in 4 denominations and are sent via email.

$13.50 and up

Available at Petershams


9. Hat Academy

Hat Academy is an Australian-based website that offers online millinery tutorials. The variety of topics is impressive and the caliber of tutors is top-notch. They offer Gift Cards starting at $50 AUD as well as a recently released Subscription Service for $20 AUD per month.  Once purchased, you have unlimited lifetime access to the videos so you can learn at your own pace and return as needed to refresh your knowledge of particular techniques.

$14 and up

Available at Hat Academy


10. Milli Starr

And last but not least, your favorite milliner (or hat lover) might appreciate a gift certificate from Milli. It may be used towards any purchase including custom couture designs, made to order hats, and millinery classes.

Please note: This is a printed gift certificate. It will arrive by USPS Priority Mail. Order by Friday, December 20th to ensure arrival by Christmas.

$125 and up

Available here

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